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International Conference on “Contemporary Issues and Challenges of Human Rights in the Era of Globalization”

Protection as well as effective implementation of Human Rights is a global issue and almost every country is facing challenges in enshrining Human Rights to their citizens. With this background, Gujarat Law Society, one of the premier Educational Institutions of the Western India managing three law college has decided to organize an International Conference on this burning subject of Human Rights. There was an unprecedented response to the conference from the day on which the details were displayed on the website of the GLS and law colleges of GLS. Looking to the request from number of delegates throughout the country, we have extended the date of registration. Even after the expiry of the extended date there were number of requests from law students and teachers for the registration. Considering such requests our Executive Vice President Shri Sudhirbhai Nanavati also permitted the students and teachers to attend the Inauguration Ceremony who could not get themselves registered in time.