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Gujarat Law Society (GLS) has existed for over 80 years and has witnessed the country and the state in varying hues.  It has, however, loyally stayed through the course and contributed to the society’s cause by presenting to it such candidates who have dared to herald change.

The institute, by the virtue of its long existence and the large number of schools and colleges under its aegis, now has over 2 million alumni.  These are those patrons who despite their flight to success have kept their feet grounded.  They have an urge of establishing proximate ties with their alma meter and also share their experiences and learning with the future of the society, i.e. the institute’s students.

The reviving of GLS Alumni Association in December 2008 is a step towards the same cause.  The association organizes regular programmes to strengthen ties with its alumni and give them an opportunity of networking. 

Following are some of the programmes that it has organized in the recent times:

  • Ajit Kelkar’s performance of RK Laxman’s “You Said It” based on his famous cartoon character ‘The Common Man’
  • A talk on ‘Think Different, Act Different’ by Swami Brahmavihariji
  • A talk by Hon. Justice SH Kapadia (Judge, Supreme Court of India)
  • A play depicting the relationship between Gandhiji and Tagore named ‘The Prophet and the Poet’
  • A talk by Shri Arun Shourie on ‘The Threat to India’s National Security’

Over and above these intermittent programmes, the institute also makes regular efforts of connecting with the alumni.  A case in point is the association’s movie club which screens movies on the 2nd and 4th Friday of every month.