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From fine arts to mimicry, from GD to MUN, from Essay Writing to Cartooning, NR students have been participating in various competitions, and most of them have been winning. Have a glimpse of the winners of this year!

·         Sabahat Contractor – taking her first steps towards the reporting career

Sabahat Contractor won the Best News Press Award in the Model United Nations organized by H.L. College of Commerce.


Akash Jauhari of NRBBA won the third prize in the Group Discussion competition at ‘The Unassailable’, a national level festival organized by S K Patel Institute of Management, K S University, Gandhinagar.


It is yet again a proud moment for NRBBA to state that this year we had 19 rankers in top 50 in Semester 1, 11 rankers in top 50 in Semester 3 and 3 rankers in top 50 in semester V! It is a matter of pleasure that the students are not only keeping up with the tradition, but also starting a new tradition, as this time, once again we have the 1st ranker in Semester 3!! Have a glimpse of our rankers.

Semester 1

Name Rank
Mahan Rathod 3
Naushad Avadia 4
Kunal Dev 7
Dhrumil Shah 8
Anushka Lunia 9
Manali Shah 14
Binjal Shah 19
Dharmesh Ganatra 20
Anushree Malu 21
Vishva Shah 23
Meet Adesra 23
Mohammad Hasnain Sheikh 24
Nidhi Khandelwal 25
Sudesh Shah 26
Rashmi Pillai 27
Abhilash Tanna 28
Urmi Parikh 29
Saumya Shah 30
Priya Prajapati 31

Semester III
Name Rank
Yuvrajsingh Jadeja 1
Bhavin Patel 9
Sahil Minsariya 11
Annie Sidhnani 12
Rujuta Satta 15
Priyal Rajani 17
Khushbu Mali 20
Hussain Arsiwala 21
Vinod Hirani 22
Chinmay Shastri 24
Ajay Purohit 26

Semester V
Name Rank
Roshni Manglani 14
Anil Narwani 17
Punam Rathod 28


·        Bansuri Pandya – mesmerizing the audience

Bansuri Pandya bagged a prize among the best three in the Ellisbridge South Zone Youthfestival organized by Gujarat University.

·        Vivan Mehta - a passionate MUNer

Vivan Mehta won a prize in the Newspress Category at Model United Nations organized by IIMUN Surat and AIESEC, Ahmedabad.

The ‘Essay Girls’

Stuti Desai (Institute 2nd), Sabahat Contractor (Regional 1st) and Akanksha Bharadwaj (Institute 1st) at Essay Writing Competition, Shri Ramchandra Mission

Akash Jauhari proudly bragging his National level achievement.

Akash Jauhri won the third prize in Group Discussion at a national level management fest – Unassailable – organized by Kadi Sarva Vishwavidyalaya, Gandhinagar.

Sahil Minsariya basking in the glory of his achievement.

Sahil Minsariya won the second prize in the Rangbahar – Cartooning competition organized by GLSIC.

Stuti Desai and Vinisha Ruparel with their creations and awards.

Stuti Desai and Vinisha Ruparel won the First and the Third prizes respectively in the Greeting Card making competition organized by J G College of Commerce.

Stuti Desai with her one among many prizes.

Stuti Desai won the second prize in the Rangbahar – on the spot painting competition organized by GLSIC.

Vinisha Ruparel and Ishita Hindocha stepping towards the first prize in paper weaving.

Vinisha Ruparel and Ishita Hindocha won the First Prize in paper weaving competition at Advent- Management Fest organized by KS School of Management.

Gorgeous dancers, gorgeous costume!

The NR Garba team won the First prize for the best Costume at Sports Club Garba Competition.