• LL.B. Semester VI : The first four and 28 out of Top 50 in Gujarat University Examination

    • LL.B. Semester VI : The first four and 28 out of Top 50 in Gujarat University Examination
    Excellent performance of the students of Sir L. A. Shah Law College continues this year also. 28 out of first 50 students at the LL.B. Semester VI Examination taken by the Gujarat University in May 2014 are from Sir L. A. Shah Law College. All the first four ranks at the University Examination are secured by the Students of the College. Ten students of the college are among first 10 ranks at the Gujarat University LL.B. Semester VI Examination.
From Hon. Secretary's desk

The progress of the nation can only be sustained by the development of each citizen. And the development of citizens cannot be separate from the availability and advancement... Read more

Shri Devang Nanavati

Proud Moments For GLS

International Conference on “Contemporary Issues and Challenges of Human Rights in the Era of Globalization”
Protection as well as effective implementation of Human Rights is a global issue and almost every country is facing challenges in enshrining Human Rights to their citizens. With this background, Gujarat Law Society, one of the premier Educational Institutions of the Western India managing three law college has decided to organize an International... Read More...

As a part of its Diamond Jubilee Celebrations, Smt. Laxmiben & Shri Chimanlal Mehta Arts College is proud to host the 49th National and 18th International Conference of Indian Academy of Applied Psychology (IAAP) from March 1 to 3, 2014. The main theme of the conference was “Psychology for Holistic Living... Read More...

In accordance to the MOU of Indian and NZ government, to promote bilateral trade, within the two nations, the first New Zealand India Business Forum was successfully held at Hamilton, New Zealand in the month of November, 2012 and it went ahead as building a platform for the academicians and corporate fraternity of both the countries to come together and understand the nuances of doing businesses at each other's territories at Hamilton, focused largely on ...   Read More...

Republic Day 2014 was celebrated by GLS primary and secondary schools in an innovative way with the march past of the students of various educational institutes of GLS along with the various tableaux presenting the glimpse of glory of different states of our country in the presence of Shri Sudhirbhai Nanavati, Executive Vice-president, GLS,  Shri N.R.Shah, Executive Director, Dr. Bhalchandra Joshi, Registrar, Shri Vadibhai Patel, Co-ordinator of .... Read More...

GLS NAADSETU is an enchanting and lyrically beautiful initiative by Gujarat Law Society. The idea of Naadsetu was conceived by Dr. B. H. Joshi, Registrar, GLS and was enthusiastically welcomed and administered by Shri J R Trivedi, Principal, GLS Institute of Commerce. The reason behind designing this program was to bring all the talented students who have developed their expertise in .... Read More...

Science surrounds us….is the reason for the progress of mankind…science has taken us to the moon, has made communication possible with loved ones. Yet, we stop ourselves from unraveling its’ mysteries. A career in pure sciences and scientific research is yet to gain popularity. All the schools under the GLS umbrella came together and worked towards making science more appealing and simple to their students.... Read More...

GLS social group organized its last programmr of the year on 1st February, 2014 at GLS lawn. It was a fun-filled evening as the main attraction of the program was Housie. Shri Sudhir Nanavati, Executive Vice president, GLS expressed his views on the various kinds of activities conducted by social group and how it imbibes the feeling of togetherness among GLS employees. Principal Dr. Ashwin Purohit, SMPIC, expressed his gratitude towards GLS ... Read More...

GLS Social Group organized ‘Hasya Kavi Sammelan’ on 29th March, 2014 at GLS Lawn which drew loud applause amongst a captivated audience. Five poets coming from different parts of the country, Shri Sandeep Sharma, Shri Parth Navin, Shri Ashok Charan, Shri Rakesh Sharma and Shri Dharmendra Soni entertained the audience with the blend of comedy, parody and illuminating poetry. Blend of humour and satire of the poets kept the crowd in high ....Read More...

  Honorary Secretary
From the desk of Shri Devang Nanavati, Honorary Secretary, Gujarat Law Society

The progress of the nation can only be sustained by the development of each citizen. And the development of citizens cannot be separate from the availability and advancement of education.

Gujarat Law Society, as a premier educational trust, was grounded and founded on the principles of philanthropy, national development and dissemination of knowledge. It was set up by personalities like Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, Shri Ganesh Mavlankar and Sheth Kasturbhai Lalbhai who had the fire of patriotism burning in their hearts, and the depths of Indianness rooted in their souls.

It is this same fire that is fuelled in our hearts today as we attempt to walk in their footsteps of service to education, service to the nation.  With roots of Indianness that have delved as deep as nearly four generations, GLS moves forward with certainty and conviction, optimism and confidence. This is evident in the various degree programmes and the many add-on courses run under its umbrella.

If you are a new-comer to GLS, this website will demonstrate how we are committed towards the cause of excellence in education and the all-round development of each student who enters our premises. If you are a member of the GLS family, you will feel a sense of pride – as I do – to see the myriad hues of GLS, the diverse ways in which our institutions and the faculty members endeavour to give their very best to mould a world-class Indian, and thus strive to create a better India. 

- Devang Nanavati